#Coronavirus: Love is contagious, too. CoronaLove

He querido escribir este post para mis amigos y colegas de Lisbon, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Berlin, Washington, New York, Jerusalem, … y a todos aquellos que se están poniendo en contacto conmigo para asistirles y que no entienden el idioma español:
I am sharing thoughts on how we might be able to metaphysical and inner cope with the uncertain reality that has rapidly spread throughout the world because I think that coronavirus is not only a disease of the body, but also presents an existential crisis that has put governments, businesses and communities and individuals on edge.
The world is experiencing levels of disequilibrium that are difficult to endure. So, hold the fear. Hold your love ones close. But don’t be held motionless — physically or emotionally— by this disease. Feel it but own it, refine it, control it. Use it. We need to react boldly to situations such as the one that challenges us right now and with the clarity of mind that tells us that fear should inspire us to be courageous; troubling times calls for passionate and resolute leadership. Our fear can inspire us to hold one another even closer and with deeper resolve.
The coronavirus is highly contagious, but so are the actions we can take inspired by love and joy. We are reminded yet again of the total interconnectedness of all life on this planet. The amazing phenomenon of life and its parallel humbling frailty can inspire wonder and deeper empathy. While, we can also do our best to spread happiness and positivity, cooperation and a positive attitude to help quell this virus.
At the least, to acknowledge people’s good intentions and engage others out of love rather than fear are ways to help defeat the trials put before us by the coronavirus. Spread love, spread warmth, spread optimism. The times may seem bleak, but we can all do our part to ensure that a brighter tomorrow is around the corner.
Friends and colleagues, this is a difficult time for all. No one has been spared from the effects of the coronavirus. Not all of us will be infected by the virus, but we are already affected. There is no denying that the global attention to this ailment has radically shifted the world’s power landscape indefinitely. But, for a moment, looking past these macro-effects can offer an opportunity to consider how each of us, at an individual level, can be mental and emotionally renewed in our collective efforts to stop this disease and overcome this moment. The coronavirus isn’t “The Big One.” It won’t be the end of us. But it will demand the kind of solidarity our individualist ethos denies.
Yes, the storm will pass, humankind will survive, most of us will still be alive, but we will habit a different world. I hope that after all this situation that we are experiencing, we will come out stronger, with more compassion, respect and humility.